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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Plan for removing m1 and updating structure for m2
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 07:50:06 GMT
Here is a brief outline for what I am going to do...

1) First, all maven.xml, and project.xml files are  
going to be removed. etc, xdocs, m1 plugins and m1 assemblies will  
also be removed.

2) Then one by one, each module will have its structure updated to  
conform to the m2 standard, including pom modifications to support  
the layout.

3) Then module directories will be renamed to match the artifactId,  
and pom hacks to support the disconnected directory names will be  
removed.  May be some discussion about some ill named artifacts,  
which I will post when I come across them.  During this time I will  
also rename m2-plugins to maven-plugins and m2-assemblies to assemblies.

4) Removed files which were used to support the m1 build (some files  
have been duplicated to support m1 & m2).

5) Clean up, remove stuff like references to pom.currentVersion in  
plans, etc...

  * * *

After all that is done, then we should start to consider how we want  
to split up the modules/* into a few smaller trees which represent  
the functionality of the server.  When we split up these modules we  
will also change the groupIds. More to come of that later.

I'm going to start tomorrow afternoon (PST) (er thats really today I  
guess) and should be finished by EOD Friday PST, though probably  
finished late on Thursday.

I appreciate your patience.  If you run into any issues please ping  
me and I will help you to resolve ASAP.



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