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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: j2ee-builder tests?
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 20:34:05 GMT
I think test-deployables is fine... stuff is going to start moving  
out of modules, might as well start with this one.

We may re-organize modules into a few smaller trees, like support,  
core, j2ee, plugins... or something... more to come on that later for  

But for this, it does not matter too much right now, so IMO test- 
deployables is fine.


On Aug 25, 2006, at 1:28 PM, Bill Dudney wrote:

> Hi Jason,
> I'd be happy to do this. Do you have a direction yet on the  
> movement of modules? This would probably best fit in something like
> trunk/test-deployables/${module-name}
> Does that sit well, or would you rather me put it into modules?  
> Then you can move it around when you move everything else.
> -bd-
> On Aug 25, 2006, at 1:54 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:
>> I think it would be good to turn those mock test apps into a set  
>> of real m2 modules that build the j2ee deployables, then j2ee- 
>> deployer can depend on them  and not have to hack up its build to  
>> generate them... and then those mock apps could be reused outside  
>> of that module too... say to test the cli deployer and more.
>> You want to take a whack at this?
>> Should be easy enough... I'd like to use these mock apps instead  
>> of converting all of those hacks to use the m2 standard layout for  
>> j2ee-builder.
>> --jason
>> On Aug 23, 2006, at 3:59 PM, Bill Dudney wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> The tests in the j2ee-builder do not currently have valid  
>>> deployment descriptors. While that's ok for this module because  
>>> of the mocked out deployment bits I was hoping to use them in  
>>> other tests. I have most of the stuff fixed up but there are a  
>>> few things that I don't want to do without feedback.
>>> 1) there rar is empty, no jar's no xml in the deployment  
>>> descriptors its just a place holder. Thoughts on what to do with  
>>> that? cook up a simple rar? delete it? I lean towards making a  
>>> simple rar.
>>> 2) The web.xml references a bogus bunch of ejb's with refs like  
>>> 'fake-ejb-ref'. Couple of things we could do with this, make them  
>>> point to valid ejb references in the ejb jar files that are part  
>>> of this ear or delete them. I would/could add some extra EJB's to  
>>> the ejb jar to make sure we covered all the reference types.
>>> 3) This is less important but I'd like to change the artifactId's  
>>> so they are unique (i.e. test-ear-j2ee-1.{3,4}) so that I can  
>>> deploy both of the ear files when its all said and done.
>>> 4) I'm not sure exactly how to do this with ear/war/ejb-jar but  
>>> I'd like to have this module produce a 'tests' jar (we do this in  
>>> cayenne with simple junit tests so we can reuse it across  
>>> modules) and then reuse these deployment units in other automated  
>>> tests. I'm game to poke at it but figure I might get a few of  
>>> Jason's brain cells so I can be a bit lazier :-)
>>> I posted this jira;
>>> to track this issue.
>>> Thanks!
>>> -bd-

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