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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Lets finally nuke the m1 build...
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 08:47:31 GMT
Lets just toss it... IMO it serves no purpose now... and only will  
end up confusing peeps.

I have sent mail about this before... do we need to cast an official  
vote (or does this fall into lazy consensus... is been informally  
voted upon for about 9 days now).

There are about 350+ files to be removed, as well as the duplicate  
sources we have laying around in a few places that were needed to  
support m1 after there were moved for m2.

So far on the previous "Drop the m1 build" thread:

  +1: dain, jason (me), paul, sachin, david jencks, david blevins,  
prasad, anita, gianny, alan, matt
"in favor": aaron
"all for dropping, w/ tck consideration": jeff
"don't see any harm in dropping": kevan

No -1 or other negative comments.  Only comments relating to the TCK,  
and while we do need to get the TCK using the m2 infrastructure to  
produce the cts server build... it is not really worthwhile  
continuing to use the m1 build since it produces a slightly different  
assembly (different groupIds in plans, etc) and is not what we plan  
on actually shipping.

Anyways, I did start looking into how to move the TCK along... but at  
this point I do not think that we should wait until the TCK build is  
on m2 to nuke the m1 build, and I don't think that the results from a  
m1 build would really be that valid right now anyways.

  * * *

So can I nuke it?


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