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From "Nathan Mittler" <>
Subject Geronimo and spring ... and xbean?
Date Sun, 27 Aug 2006 13:42:33 GMT
Hi everyone,
I'm very interested in the Geronimo project and have a few questions
regarding its roadmap ...

I have seen mention in previous e-mail traffic that there is work in
progress to build more native support for spring applications into G.  I was
just wondering what this means and if there is a roadmap for when this
functionality will begin to roll out?

Also, I have spent a little time browsing the XBean site and ran across
colossus which almost sounds as though it could be a replacement for the G
kernel.  There isn't, however, much documentation with regards to its
relationship to the G project.  Could someone clear up for me the
relationship between the XBean project and Geronimo?  Is XBean being used by
G currently?  Are there future plans for expanding the XBean role in
Geronimo? And if so, how?

Lastly, is there a better way of keeping in touch with more roadmap-centric
discussions, rather than the e-mail lists?  Perhaps IRC?

Thanks for the help!

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