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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: What does this do?
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 14:57:59 GMT
Any runtime changes to GBean attributes/references (through the
console, JMX, whatever) are saved to config.xml.  Then they're applied
during the GBean loading process, overriding whatever the default
values may be.  You can also edit the file manually while the server
is down.  The point of pre-populating some values in config.xml is, as
Joe said, to make it obvious to a user where to change settings we
think they may be interested in.  If we started with a relatively
empty file, it would be really hard to get the syntax right to e..g.
change a listen port, but if we add that to the default config.xml
then it becomes a search and replace operation.  I suspect the CORBA
stuff is in there so the CORBA listen address/port can be changed.

FWIW, you can also add entirely new GBeans solely via config.xml,
though it's not typically done (mainly for things like if you add a
new network connector in the console and we want to add it to an
existing module).


On 8/30/06, Rick McGuire <> wrote:
> Just when I think I have a complete handle on how GBeans work, someone
> throws me a curve ball.  In the process of reworking how the CORBA
> objects are configured, I found the following in jetty config (and
> repeated in the tomcat config):
>     <module
> name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/j2ee-corba/${pom.version}/car"
> load="false">
>         <gbean name="NameServer">
>             <attribute name="dbDir">var/cosnaming.db</attribute>
>             <attribute name="port">${PlanCOSNamingPort}</attribute>
>         </gbean>
>         <gbean name="Server">
>             <attribute name="args">-ORBInitRef,
> NameService=corbaloc::${PlanCOSNamingHost}:${PlanCOSNamingPort}/NameService</attribute>
>         </gbean>
>         <gbean name="UnprotectedServer">
>             <attribute name="args">-ORBInitRef,
> NameService=corbaloc::${PlanCOSNamingHost}:${PlanCOSNamingPort}/NameService</attribute>
>         </gbean>
>     </module>
> I missed this earlier because there's no GBean class name, so my
> searches for CorbaBean didn't turn anything up.  Are these lines just a
> modification for an existing GBean located somewhere else in the
> configuration?  Does this just modify attributes of the GBean before it
> is started, or does this create a copy of the referenced GBean with the
> new attributes merged in?  I'm not even sure why these lines are here.
> The values being set are the same as the original configuration.  Is
> there some other side effect involved?
> Rick

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