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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject JPA Plugin Status
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 03:24:38 GMT
The code for the app-managed-JPA-for-web-apps plugin is up at SVN

So far, it's just got a TopLink provider, but if people want to copy
that to create providers for Cayenne or OpenJPA or whatever, that
would be great.  It basically just needs to have a customized name and
ClassPath, though I'm assuming any provider we integrate with will be
compatible with the Geronimo JPA spec JAR (currently

If you try to build and run this, you'll be held up by a couple things:
 * It needs the latest car-maven-plugin, and I'm not sure whether
Jason has pushed a fresh snapshot since the last changes to it
 * It needs Geronimo 1.1 CARs in the M2 repo, and Matt has said
posting those is on his to-do list
 * It only runs in Geronimo 1.1.1 due to reference resolution bugs in
G 1.1, and currently the G 1.1.1 build is broken

But if you get past all that (or comment out the plugins child from
the main POM to avoid the first two issues) and run your server under
Java 5, you can deploy web apps using JPA.  :)

My goal is to have a release of this plugin with sufficient user
documentation when G 1.1.1 is released.  It would be great to have
some open source JPA providers for that release too.

I also started talking to David B about the JPA work being done in
OpenEJB, and I think we're agreed that we probably don't need two such
plugins for G 1.1.x, so hopefully we can work toward a unification as
we move forward.


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