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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: car plugin changes... geronimo-plugin.xml, etc.
Date Sat, 12 Aug 2006 13:47:47 GMT

I'll try it out.

I wouldn't be too concerned about tidying up the deployer -- I think
it needs a more massive overhaul.


On 8/12/06, Jason Dillon <> wrote:
> I've just finished committing changes that should (I hope) bring back
> the functionality needed to include geronimo-plugin.xml... someone
> please validate that it works as desired.
> Maven is now responsible for making the car archives now... the car
> plugin will always spit out into a local repo and then the
> PackageMojo will create an archive out of it using the m2 archiver
> bits, which allows flexible manifest entries... blah blah.
> geronimo-plugin.xml is still being filtered using the resources
> plugin... and really anything you drop into src/main/resources will
> be included into the car, and filtering is controlled by the default
> m2 bits in your pom.
> Plan files have been updated to use ${pom.version} instead of $
> {pom.currentVersion}... ${pom} is actually the project reference,
> which is closer to what it would be if filtered by resources (which
> we will eventually get to, and drop velocity).
> Car files now all have LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt included (side-
> effect of using Maven's mech to pick up resources), blah blah
> The addition of the startup-jar is no longer hidden... its just
> another resources in src/main/resources.
> I also updated the PackageBuilder to take a list of classpath
> elements (that are artifacts, like the dependency plugin) which
> allows for customization of the prefix added to the entry in the
> manifest, which was needed to get lib/endorsed bits (the m2 archiver
> only allows one prefix per set).  Right now the list is non-
> transitive... I could not figure how to get that working... need to
> ping the peeps in #maven for help.  I will be pruning the list of
> properties we have in the root pom to manage versions, which are
> mostly unused now.
> There is still some more dependency clean up that needs to be done,
> but the servers are starting fine.
> Please take a moment and check for any strangeness and lemme know if
> you find anything.
> May still be a bit more work to get the multiple car muck working...
> but until I have something that is actually using the plugin that I
> can peek at I can't really fix it.
> I left the Deployer code asis... though my hunch is that some of this
> is not needed (the jar and manifest bits primarily)... and if someone
> knows if we use those bits anywhere else please speak up, else we
> should drop the unused bits.
> --jason

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