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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: [CONSENSUS] Default plugin site (was Re: Frustrations of a Release Manager)
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 20:04:55 GMT
Hi Joe,
what are the problems you see with IE?

I mainly use Firefox but so far I can't tell the difference for what I 
tested with IE. Can you send me a link?


Joe Bohn wrote:
> This looks good Paul and I think it can do a lot to get momentum behind 
> the creation of plugins (and plugin sites) as well as foster 
> communication between plugin users.
> I do have some general curiosity questions like "What happens if a 
> plugin exists on multiple sites?" and "What does it take to get a new 
> plugin site registered?", etc...
> I appears that the site is mostly focused on plugin consumers.  However, 
> there are hints that it could be used by plugin creators as well?  If 
> the latter is intended then perhaps we should include some more links to 
> plugin development "how to's" (of course we would need to create these 
> first ourselves).
> One minor note ... the site looks great with Firefox but it definitely 
> has some formatting problems with IE.
> Paul McMahan wrote:
>> Hey folks.  This thread about Geronimo plugin sites has been inactive
>> for a while, but during that discussion I made a suggestion that it
>> would be great if Geronimo could provide a plugin site like Eclipse
>> provides at Eclipse Plugin Central.  This Eclipse plugin site is not a
>> plugin "repository" per se but more like a community building site
>> with discussion forums and system for reviewing and rating plugins.
>> The actual plugins are hosted elsewhere and their download location is
>> referenced from the plugin articles.  The Eclipse plugin site is
>> operated and governed by the Eclipse Foundation.
>> I was really excited about creating this type of site for Geronimo
>> since I think it would be a great compliment to sites like
>> and it would really help involve/motivate the
>> Geronimo development community at large.  So I purchased the domain
>> name to match the format of the Eclipse
>> plugin site and got some advice from the Eclipse guys on how to create
>> and run a community site.
>> Now I have a rough working version of the Geronimo plugin community
>> site available at that I would love
>> to get your feedback on.  It is definitely a work in progress and has
>> lots of rough edges, but I hope it gets across the main idea of what
>> can be accomplished with some further work and direction from the
>> Geronimo community.  Like the Eclipse plugin site it has a plugin
>> discussion forum and a plugin directory where plugins can be reviewed
>> and rated by the community.
>> With Bruce Snyder's help I offered to donate the
>> domain name to ASF last June but haven't
>> heard back from infra@ on that yet.  If there's general agreement in
>> the Geronimo community that this site is (or can be) A Good Thing then
>> I would like to offer full ownership and operational control of this
>> site to the Geronimo PMC.  I'm also ready/willing to migrate the site
>> onto ASF hardware if that's desirable (although I'm not sure how they
>> would react to MySQL and Joomla :-).
>> Of course I am also volunteering my time to finish setting up the site
>> and to help administer it when its ready for the masses.  Hernan
>> created the look and feel for the site based on the work he did in the
>> Geronimo website and wiki, and has volunteered to help keep the
>> content organized.  I'm sure he would love to get your feedback on the
>> look and feel, graphics, etc  ;-)
>> Looking forward to your feedback.
>> Paul
>> On 6/19/06, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
>>> +1 great idea Paul.
>>> Paul McMahan wrote:
>>> > There's an interesting plugin site for eclipse at
>>> > that implements some of the ideas we have
>>> > discussed.  It provides a directory of plugins but not the actual
>>> > files themselves, pointing elsewhere for the purchase/download.  It
>>> > also provides a rating system, news page, and discussion forums.  IMHO
>>> > the geronimo project should strive to provide this type of site for
>>> > building a healthy commercial and open source community around
>>> > geronimo plugins.
>>> >
>>> > The domain names "" and
>>> > "" were available and match the form used by
>>> > "" so I purchased them and would like to
>>> > donate them to the ASF.  How can I do that?  Just send a note to
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Best wishes,
>>> > Paul
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > On 6/14/06, David Blevins <> wrote:
>>> >> Everyone, please read and ACK.
>>> >>
>>> >> On Jun 14, 2006, at 4:31 PM, John Sisson wrote:
>>> >>
>>> >> > Hiram, I care if a private or commercial entity has control over
>>> >> > the default option.
>>> >>
>>> >> I think Hiram does too, he just a read a little too fast.  His
>>> >> thoughts are clear though.
>>> >>
>>> >> On Jun 14, 2006, at 3:55 PM, Hiram Chirino wrote:
>>> >> > All I'm saying is I don't care if IBM puts up
>>> >> >, I also don't care if you put
up a
>>> >> > site.
>>> >> >
>>> >> > Now the default link issue is something else.  Can we point it
>>> >> > default at some Apache machines by default?  I'm sure Aaron 
>>> would not
>>> >> > mind, would you?
>>> >>
>>> >> That pretty much sums it up for me.  Aaron seems to agree.  In fact,
>>> >> is there anyone out there who doesn't agree?
>>> >>
>>> >> -David
>>> >>
>>> >>

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