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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Returning to Commit-Then-Review?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 16:58:48 GMT
JBohn pointed out I had RTC as my last statement...I meant CTR

Matt Hogstrom wrote:
>  From a purely discussion perspective I'm in favor of a change.  I'm not 
> sure a total shift to CTR is appropriate but I'm not particularly 
> opposed to it either.  I don't think the development model itself is the 
> issue.  The major issue that we've been dealing with is the community 
> dynamics and alignment of people's interests and Apache's community 
> model (or lack of alignment).
> I would expect that if we were to move to CTR we'd see a continuation of 
> what we're doing now with the exception that all changes would not 
> require the current voting requirements.  I plan on reviewing the 
> commits as they go in  (as Jason alluded to in another thread).  I think 
> we all are expecting more things to be documented via JIRA for improved 
> documentation and communication.  That major items are announced as 
> their inspired so the community can provide feedback in the form of 
> comments or assistance.  We all assume comments are constructive and 
> spend a few minutes thinking about an e-mail before sending it (boy and 
> I guilty of violating this one:)
> Overall, I'm in favor of changing.  Part of me would like to simply go 
> to RTC and let the community dynamics prove themselves.  Definitely not 
> a return to the previous model though.
> Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>> Apache Geronimo has been operating mostly under the
>> Review-Then-Commit model for a couple of months now,
>> and I think the issues the change was intended to
>> highlight have been .. well, highlighted.
>> How do people feel about the idea of switching back
>> to Commit-Then-Review at this point?

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