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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: bootstrap.bat for windows users
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 14:06:12 GMT

Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> On 8/23/06, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
>> I hope this is not taken it is not meant that way...
> Come on, Jeff. Nothing's going to be taken this way. Try it out and be
> prepared to fail :P

Well...sometimes we need to be careful how we word things...I am not the
best communicator and its easy to read into people's emails ;-)
Starting an email in the fashion that I did sometimes will defuse a
potentially hot situation.

>> I think it is worth talking about, especially when we think bootstrap
>> will go away.  I respect Jason's disdain for Windows, but it also is the
>> most used and most popular OS...which means it probably represents a
>> large base of our community. :)
> ...and it's the only environment I can work on. I'm definitely for
> supporting it as much as we can, but not more than it's really
> necessary. The less platform-specific scripts the better.

Of course, but its also S.O.P. that there is generally a *nix style
script and a Windows one..thats why we have 2 geronimo startup scripts,
as does just about every app server out there.  Thats also why there is
a mvn script and a mvn.bat script ;-)

> What I don't like in your comment was a reference to Mark as its mere
> support. It's a community matter and anyone can step up and support it
> in any way (s)he wishes. So (watch out this sentence ;-)), once we
> decide to commit it to the repo it's Jeff, Jacek and other committers
> who are in charge of supporting it. Mark has been keen to author a
> change, but *we* (the community, but committers especially) are obeyed
> to keep it in sync and updated.

Yes, Jacek, I clearly know that anyone can step up, and I surely did not
mean that Mark is only support.  I think you took this completely wrong
(one of those things again where people read emails differently than
they are intended).  Here is my long winded explanation:

>From my perspective, Jason does not enjoy working with Windows and he
has made that rather clear. The last thing I wanted was, since he
stepped up with all of this Maven conversion, that he would be put in a
position of having to support it.   First, although there is no
ownership, people do get pigeon holed into responsibilities of
supporting the technologies they work on...and I did not want that to
happen to Jason, as that is not fair to him.  I can say that anytime
something goes wrong with Tomcat, etc, I get nudges on the side to fix
things.  I know this group pretty well and my comment was simply to head
off a long back-and-forth email thread.  They usually go like this:

Person A) I want to do this
Person B) I don't like that, how about you do this?
Person A) Are you volunteering?
Person B) No
Person A) Well if you are not volunteering I am not willing to do it
unless someone will.
Person A) I am sure Person C will support it
Person C) Yes I am happy to support it
End of Thread.

Look familiar? ;-)  So I hope you see (if you re-read my statements)
that I was filling in the blanks for a future email engagement and
trying to keep this one as short as possible.

Anyways..its moot. Jason came up with an excellent solution that
supports all platforms...but I did want to respond to your comments so
there is no misunderstanding here.  I think we can officially end this
thread now since all parties are very pleased with the end result ;-)


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