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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: 1.2 Release - Who's next and what is it?
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 21:43:52 GMT
I've started playing with a "mini-G" assembly (for lack of a better 
term) which doesn't even include a web server.  I'm also looking at 
building plugins for tomcat, jetty, etc...  The intent to use mini-G as 
the base and plugins to build a tailor-made Geronimo assembly to fit a 
user's requirements rather than a one-size-fits-all assemblies.  IIUC, 
this was part of the original intent behind the plugins so I think this 
fits in pretty well with the general direction based upon discussions 
I've seen.

At the moment what I have is pretty immature, but I was going to start 
to get some discussion/ideas on this with dev shortly after I had gained 
a better understanding of plugins in general by creating a first pass at 
a tomcat plugin.


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> All,
> Aaron started a thread back a ways about the 1.2 release.  I know that 
> there has been discussion, interest and some action in getting it on the 
> table.  At this point I'm not exactly sure what our goals are for the 
> next step of Geronimo and when it will be done.
> First step is defining what goes into the release and then who wants to 
> guide the release to fruition.  I'll start the what's in it thread and I 
> think the whose going to do it will get resolved once we finish this piece.
> Given our past experience if we would like to hit another dot release 
> this year then I think we have to be releasing in November.  
> Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to burn up the last month and a half. 
>  So I think a release around November 15th sounds about right.
> This means (working backwards) we'd need to have a branch by October 
> 15th.  So, with that in mind we have a little less than 2 months for 
> development.
> With that in mind here is the list of things I remember off the top of 
> my head.  I'll follow this thread and put out a summary note.  I'm 
> putting people's names next to items I remember them mentioning; I'm not 
> assigning work :)
> Java 5 Ready
> JPA Integration (Open JPA / Cayenne) (I think Dain or Blevins ?)
> Clustering support (Gianny / Jeff)
> Pluggable JACC (Jencks)
> Performance (Matt)
> Lot's of other stuff I'm missing ?

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