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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: JMX Portlet
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2006 13:19:22 GMT
I'd rather have something in the Console that users can easily navigate to and not rely on
  I know it will be there but its another tool to find.

Paul McMahan wrote:
> Chris, this sounds like an interesting idea.  As I recall, the
> discussion from a few months ago came down to removing the JMX debug
> application iff we could get the JConsole to work with Geronimo.  And
> then I think that problem was addressed in GERONIMO-1329.  So assuming
> that we can now connect JConsole to a Geronimo server would that
> affect what you might plan to implement in the admin console?  i.e.
> since JConsole already provides some of this function, just not in way
> that's usable directly from the admin console.  Also I'm wondering if
> Sun's plans to open source java soon might lead to some interesting
> possibilities, like maybe running JConsole in an applet from the
> console.  But that is making a LOT of assumptions :-)
> Best wishes,
> Paul
> On 8/18/06, Chris Cardona <> wrote:
>> A few months ago the JMX debug application was removed
>> and there was a suggestion to replace this with a JMX
>> portlet in the console for Geronimo 1.2 (IIRC it was
>> Dain who suggested this). I would like to work on this
>> portlet with the following minimum capabilities:
>> 1. Be able to list all the MBeans
>> 2. Predefined searches for the different J2EE types:
>> J2EEApplication, EJBModule, WebModule, Sertlet,
>> JCAConnectionFactory, etc.
>> 3. Be able to query MBeans (if possible with
>> autocomplete feature)
>> 4. View the attributes and operations of MBeans
>> In addition, my plan was to use Ajax (Dojo and DWR) to
>> make this portlet a little bit responsive. Any
>> thoughts and suggestions?
>> Best wishes,
>> Chris
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