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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Introducing myself ...
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 02:16:02 GMT

Passion for success is welcomed.  Your comments are welcome as well as your support and effort.



System Architect wrote:
> Sorry for wasting a thread for this purpose, but I thought that it's
> important to introduce myself to this honorable community as I created some
> entries in JIRA

> etc.)
> My company has started using Geronimo AS as our main deployment platform 
> and
> once it's there - I have to organize decent developer's support for
> debugging application on it. We are using Eclipse, so the easiest solution
> seems to be Geronimo plugin.
> Unfortunately this plugin is still in it's infancy and is just making baby
> steps. My challenge is that we are already using Geronimo, so I cannot wait
> for this plugin to grow naturally - success of Geronimo in our organization
> depends of this plugin; if we cannot make it work - this entire direction
> may die with it. Several hundred developers cannot rely on just JPDA while
> debugging web applications.
> This probably explains why I started making waves in JIRA - not just for 
> the
> fun of it, but trying to promote success of this wonderful OSS project.
> I hope the above helps to understand the importance for us of various
> decisions that are taken to expedite or postpone this or that feature.
> And I am also convinced that success of projects like Geronimo largely
> depends on how well they fit into real-life enviroment such as a company I
> work for.
> A little bit about myself - programming for the last 25 years and hope do
> the same when I die :) Java since 1996, software development in different
> roles all my life, seen a lot of platforms and technologies ..
> Thanks,
> Oleg Gusakov
> **

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