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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Re: Start JavaMail by default in 1.1.1?
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 16:34:25 GMT
Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> Starting it is fine but it does require some customization as Aaron 
> pointed out.  Will the start be graceful enough that users will know 
> that they need to customize it?  Perhaps a WARNING message issues at 
> startup if it hasn't been configured would be nice.
> Rick McGuire wrote:
>> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>> I don't see a great reason that we're not starting the JavaMail module
>>> by default.  Granted, the user may need to change the SMTP server, but
>>> it's going to be easier if they don't need to enable the module too
>>> (e.g. the console usually doesn't see disabled GBeans, and the
>>> load=false is easy enough to miss in config.xml).
>> I think this is probably a good idea.  Most of the problems I've seen 
>> with users attempting to use javamail have been caused by the fact 
>> the javamail module has not been started.  This usually manifests as 
>> a provider resolution failure because the transport jars are not 
>> showing up in the classpath.  Because the spec jars ARE there by 
>> default, this error doesn't show up until it is used.
Well, it sort of requires customization.  One way to use it is to 
request the javamail resource, then request a transport object from the 
resource.  In that mode, yes, customization is required.  However, most 
of the questions I've been seeing from the user list involved people who 
just wish to use the javamail APIs directly.  They don't require the 
configured javamail resource, just a full set of javamail jars.  Since 
the provider jars don't get pulled in unless the javamail config is 
loaded, the smtp provider can't be located.  These users are required to 
make a config change just to get the jar files loaded.  We could satisfy 
the needs of these users by redoing the dependencies a bit and 
decoupling the providers from the mail config.

>>> What do you think?
>>> Thanks,
>>>     Aaron

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