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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: Accessing the openejb code?
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 13:56:14 GMT
Sorry, wasn't completely clear.  If you didn't have changes in openejb 
to preserve then the following should work:

1. do an svn update of geronimo (not openejb) so you get the updated 
maven.xml file
2. delete the openejb folder under geronimo
3. do a maven m:fresh-checkout in the geronimo directory - this will 
then check out openejb using http instead of https.

But since you do have updates to preserve you could try using the svn 
switch command, e.g. ( I haven't tested this..)

svn switch --relocate


Rick McGuire wrote:
> John Sisson wrote:
>> It appears https access for OpenEJB non-committers isn't available 
>> any more.  AFAIK the maven build scripts have been updated to take 
>> this into account, but to be able to use them you will need to do an 
>> svn update manually, delete the openejb directory and then try a  
>> maven m:fresh-checkout .
> I'm not sure I understand this.  If I try to do a svn update manually, 
> it still requests authentication....and I certainly don't want to 
> delete the openejb dir, because I've got working updates I need to 
> preserve.  I also would have thought that checking out a fresh copy 
> would do the correct thing, but that's causing me problems too.
> Rick
>> Regards,
>> John
>> Rick McGuire wrote:
>>> I just got back from a 2 week vacation and am trying to get caught 
>>> back up again.  When I do a "maven m:update" on my working build 
>>> from 2 weeks ago, I'm getting the following message followed by a hang:
>>> m:update:
>>>    [exec] At revision 430039.
>>>    [exec] Authentication realm: <> 
>>> openejb Repo
>>> I get similar behavior when I checkout out a fresh build and do a 
>>> "maven m:fresh-checkout".  Is this a glitch with the codehaus svn or 
>>> should I be using something else now to access a build?
>>> Rick

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