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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Regarding Exploded Deployments
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2006 01:51:15 GMT
Manu George wrote:

> Hi,
>       Does Geronimo support exploded deployments of ear's that
> contain wars and jars using --inPlace Argument? When I try to deploy
> daytrader by extracting it  to a directory and passing the path to the
> directory as an argument to deploy along with --inPlace it is giving
> an error
> java.lang.Error: Only local file jars are supported 
> jar:file:/C:/1.1samples/samp
> les/applications/daytrader/target/test/daytrader-ear-1.1/web.war!/WEB-INF/lib/st 
> andard-1.1.1.jar

There is a bug in the deployment of war module defining libraries within 
WEB-INF/lib/ when this module is inside an ear module. I will fix this 

> What is the correct format of an exploded EAR. Will it have the
> ejb-jar and webapp-war exploded as well? OR will geronimo support non
> exploded format as well?

In the case of an in-place deployment, nested modules are auto-exploded 
upon deployment, if need be. For instance, if there is a non-exploded 
war module mywar.war within an ear, then the war is renamed 
mywar.war.saved, a sub-directory mywar.war is created and 
mywar.war.saved is unjarred within it.


> Regards
> Manu

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