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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: GERONIMO-1526
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 18:22:33 GMT
Agree.  Will create a branch.  Yes if you could post some  
instructions on svk that would be great.  BTW, what more does svk do  
compared to svn merge?

On Aug 24, 2006, at 2:18 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:

> I agree, this is what branches are good for.
> I have been meaning to write a howto doc about how to use svk to  
> merge branches (not to develop, but just to merge).  It works  
> really well for these types of feature branches to manage conflicts  
> and to keep feature branches up to date with the latest from the  
> source tree.  Maybe I'll get to that this weekend.
> --jason
> On Aug 24, 2006, at 11:10 AM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>> For a change of this size, I suggest you cut a branch as it will  
>> let everyone see you work in progress, and I assure it will save  
>> you during development as you can rollback bad ideas :)
>> -dain
>> On Aug 24, 2006, at 10:21 AM, Sachin Patel wrote:
>>> Please review the following changes, thus far.  Please review the  
>>> changes carefully to be sure I did not break an existing function.
>>> The bulk of this change is:
>>> (1) Allows a DeployableModuleImpl class to be set for a single  
>>> deployment via the DeploymentManager (currently the factory only  
>>> loads the default, need some advice on how best to load the class  
>>> for other impls)
>>> (2) Introduces DefaultDeployableModule implementation of  
>>> DeployableModule
>>> (2) Changes the use of and passing of JarFile throughout the  
>>> entire deployment process with DeployableModule.
>>> Next I plan to fix all the tests that are now broken, then start  
>>> plugging in a new Impl of DeployableModule for Eclipse support  
>>> and see if we need to tweak add/remove methods to the interface  
>>> as I'm not convinced yet that all the methods currently are  
>>> sufficient.  This is where the bulk of the work will be so feel  
>>> free to help out if interested :).
>>> <changes.patch>


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