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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Returning to Commit-Then-Review?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 03:18:05 GMT

On Aug 22, 2006, at 7:02 PM, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

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> Apache Geronimo has been operating mostly under the
> Review-Then-Commit model for a couple of months now,
> and I think the issues the change was intended to
> highlight have been .. well, highlighted.
> How do people feel about the idea of switching back
> to Commit-Then-Review at this point?

I'm certainly in favor of switching back. However, RTC has put an  
improved focus on communication within the community. I definitely  
want that to continue.

Possible options would include:

1) Follow CTR. Document best practices and use community-based  
persuasion to keep things working well.
2) Follow CTR. Follow a strict procedure for documenting enhancements.
2) Follow RTC. Relax the reviewed/merged/tested aspect of RTC
3) Follow RTC. Institue a lazy consensus policy
4) 2 & 3
5) etc.

IMO, 1) is the way a healthy community should be operating and I  
think that's the process we should be following.

The best practices/guidelines should not be strict dogma -- common  
sense should prevail. It's communication that's important, not  
process. Guidelines are something along the lines of:

1) For larger changes (or potentially controversial changes),  
announce your intentions. Give the community an indication of what  
you're planning. You should allow enough time (and detail) to allow  
the community to understand and discuss.
2) Before you commit your changes, document your change. Describe  
what you are doing, why you are doing it, and provide an overview of  
how you did it (or a roadmap on how you plan on doing it).


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