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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: [CONSENSUS] Default plugin site (was Re: Frustrations of a Release Manager)
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 21:13:13 GMT
Hey Bruce,  Glad you asked these questions.  I have not had any
offline discussions with Aaron about  My
intention was to have any conversation here on the dev list in context
of where the discussion left off before.  My gmail reader threads the
whole discussion together for me nicely so maybe I'm taking that
context for granted since it actually transpired a while ago :-)  Here
is a link to the mail archives for historical purposes:

I do not see any conflict or overlap between the two efforts.  In fact
I find them quite complimentary since site is a
privately owned plugin repository that hosts plugins and (if things
work out as I would hope) geronimoplugincentral is a Geronimo PMC
owned site that supports the community and provides an index of
plugins that are hosted elsewhere.  This is exactly analogous to how
Eclipse has set up their plugin ecosystem -- there are many plugin
sites where you can download plugins directly into your Eclipse
runtime, and there is a community site (Eclipse Plugin Central) that
supports the user community with forums, reviews, etc.  My intent is
to follow their lead where it makes sense since they already have been
in this space for a long time.

As for your second point about Geronimo plugins vs. the Geronimo
Eclipse plugin terminology, I totally agree with you that this will be
confusing to end users.  Actually since Geronimo decided to introduce
the concept of plugins I have started to notice how many other types
of software besides Eclipse also use that term.  My browser, for
example, just told me that "Additional plugins are required to display
all the media on this page".  I was using a Macromedia product that
also complained that I needed a plugin. etc. I don't have any specific
ideas on how to avoid confusing users about the terminology overlap,
other than to make sure that Geronimo's Eclipse plugin is listed at
the appropriate site :-)

Best wishes,

On 8/24/06, Bruce Snyder <> wrote:
> On 8/24/06, Paul McMahan <> wrote:
> > Hey folks.  This thread about Geronimo plugin sites has been inactive
> > for a while, but during that discussion I made a suggestion that it
> > would be great if Geronimo could provide a plugin site like Eclipse
> > provides at Eclipse Plugin Central.  This Eclipse plugin site is not a
> > plugin "repository" per se but more like a community building site
> > with discussion forums and system for reviewing and rating plugins.
> > The actual plugins are hosted elsewhere and their download location is
> > referenced from the plugin articles.  The Eclipse plugin site is
> > operated and governed by the Eclipse Foundation.
> >
> > I was really excited about creating this type of site for Geronimo
> > since I think it would be a great compliment to sites like
> > and it would really help involve/motivate the
> > Geronimo development community at large.  So I purchased the domain
> > name to match the format of the Eclipse
> > plugin site and got some advice from the Eclipse guys on how to create
> > and run a community site.
> >
> > Now I have a rough working version of the Geronimo plugin community
> > site available at that I would love
> > to get your feedback on.  It is definitely a work in progress and has
> > lots of rough edges, but I hope it gets across the main idea of what
> > can be accomplished with some further work and direction from the
> > Geronimo community.  Like the Eclipse plugin site it has a plugin
> > discussion forum and a plugin directory where plugins can be reviewed
> > and rated by the community.
> >
> > With Bruce Snyder's help I offered to donate the
> > domain name to ASF last June but haven't
> > heard back from infra@ on that yet.  If there's general agreement in
> > the Geronimo community that this site is (or can be) A Good Thing then
> > I would like to offer full ownership and operational control of this
> > site to the Geronimo PMC.  I'm also ready/willing to migrate the site
> > onto ASF hardware if that's desirable (although I'm not sure how they
> > would react to MySQL and Joomla :-).
> >
> > Of course I am also volunteering my time to finish setting up the site
> > and to help administer it when its ready for the masses.  Hernan
> > created the look and feel for the site based on the work he did in the
> > Geronimo website and wiki, and has volunteered to help keep the
> > content organized.  I'm sure he would love to get your feedback on the
> > look and feel, graphics, etc  ;-)
> Have you spoken with Aaron regarding yet? I think
> we should try to make these two sites work together rather than
> against one another. What are your thoughts on this?
> Also, I understand that there's a difference between Geronimo plugins
> and the Geronimo Eclipse plugin, but that's because I'm a committer
> and involved. What are your thoughts on distinguishing these two
> complementary and easily confusing technologies?
> Bruce
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