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From Chris Cardona <>
Subject JMX Portlet
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 16:39:57 GMT
A few months ago the JMX debug application was removed
and there was a suggestion to replace this with a JMX
portlet in the console for Geronimo 1.2 (IIRC it was
Dain who suggested this). I would like to work on this
portlet with the following minimum capabilities:

1. Be able to list all the MBeans
2. Predefined searches for the different J2EE types:
J2EEApplication, EJBModule, WebModule, Sertlet,
JCAConnectionFactory, etc.
3. Be able to query MBeans (if possible with
autocomplete feature)
4. View the attributes and operations of MBeans

In addition, my plan was to use Ajax (Dojo and DWR) to
make this portlet a little bit responsive. Any
thoughts and suggestions?

Best wishes,

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