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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: GERONIMO-1526
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 19:39:01 GMT
On 8/23/06, Sachin Patel <> wrote:
> So I've started to make these changes, but it looks like we may have to use
> URL's in the interface, unless anyone else has any other suggestions due to
> the problems dain mentioned with using URLs.  Taking the EARConfigBuilder
> for example... ideally I'd like to push out the code that traverses through
> the zip entries and let the DeployableModule.getResources() handle this so
> the builders only have do deal with the interface and not a specific
> implementation such as a jar/zip file.

I like your proposal especially after a few days looking at OpenEJB
code and wire an annotation support in. I'm wondering how OpenEJB
could use it once it's introduced in Geronimo?

Besides, I don't understand the above comment of yours above. Since
Dain has already stated his concerns about File vs URL why do you need
more to come? I think I didn't fully follow the note about zip files
handling. Would you mind to elaborate a bit?


Jacek Laskowski

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