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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: bootstrap.bat for windows users
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 10:59:57 GMT
On 8/23/06, Jeff Genender <> wrote:

> I hope this is not taken it is not meant that way...

Come on, Jeff. Nothing's going to be taken this way. Try it out and be
prepared to fail :P

> I think it is worth talking about, especially when we think bootstrap
> will go away.  I respect Jason's disdain for Windows, but it also is the
> most used and most popular OS...which means it probably represents a
> large base of our community. :)

...and it's the only environment I can work on. I'm definitely for
supporting it as much as we can, but not more than it's really
necessary. The less platform-specific scripts the better.

> IMHO, if we are to continue with the bootstrap, then I think it is
> reasonable to support both *nix and Windows.  No...I am not volunteering
> as I have other things on my plate, but I think if Mark D. wants to take
> on supporting the Windows side, I cannot find a negative in this. What I
> do not think is reasonable is forcing any user to have to install Cygwin
> (even though I love it) to build G on Windows.  Cygwin is a fairly large
> install and I have been at companies where one is forbidden to have it
> on corporate machines.

Agreed with a small yet important note - see below.

> So, my point is, if the bootstrap is short lived, then disregard my
> opinion ;-)  But if it's gonna be with us for a while, lets allow the
> Windows bat version if Mark is willing to support it...or find something
>  (like ant?) that will make it work on our most popular OS systems.

It seems noone knows how long it will live, so we can safely assume it
will likely outlive us ;-) What I'd like to avoid is to introduce
platform-specific scripts that do what maven/ant can do alike or
better *and* more important are platform-neutral.

What I don't like in your comment was a reference to Mark as its mere
support. It's a community matter and anyone can step up and support it
in any way (s)he wishes. So (watch out this sentence ;-)), once we
decide to commit it to the repo it's Jeff, Jacek and other committers
who are in charge of supporting it. Mark has been keen to author a
change, but *we* (the community, but committers especially) are obeyed
to keep it in sync and updated.

BTW, I noticed that Maven dev folks have been talking about that caught my attention. They've got the same thing to
support and I wonder how much in common we've got. Anyone knows?


Jacek Laskowski

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