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From David Jencks <>
Subject Please review GERONIMO-2349 (jta 11 and container managed jpa support)
Date Sat, 26 Aug 2006 18:07:22 GMT
I think I've implemented most or all of the transaction manager based  
support for jta 1.1 and container managed jpa/entity managers.  As I  
mentioned earlier I've introduced the support into the jta 1.0.1/jdk  
1.4 tm without using the new interfaces and provided a new module  
geronimo-transaction-jta11 that implements the new interfaces.

To avoid further churn I'd like to commit the changes in trunk to the  
base tm.  As noted in GERONIMO-2349 there might be an ordering bug  
with TransactionManagerMonitors, so I might provide one more updated  

To me the main question here is whether it is appropriate to  
implement this support in the base classes.  It would also be  
possible to implement it in subclasses if we constructed the  
TransactionImpl instances in a protected method overridden in the new  
tm subclass.  At the moment I'm not inclined to add this extra  
complexity but will if there's general agreement it's a good idea.

I plan to start looking into hooking this stuff up to deployers  
next.... maybe we can eventually find out if it really works.

david jencks

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