Most of the OpenEJB developers are Geronimo developers, so it really makes sense to bring these two codebases together.

I don't see any problem with OpenEJB coming together with Geronimo regarding to allow others to use the OpenEJB core w/o the rest of Geronimo.  I believe that one of the key drives within Geronimo is to make it highly flexible and pluggable.  Many components are already in use by other projects (and OpenEJB) itself) with out requiring the entire server.

There merger of these two groups will almost certainly result in a more functional OpenEJB, which means a more functional Geronimo.


On Jul 2, 2006, at 2:03 AM, Mohammed Nour wrote:

Hi All...
+1, but I have a question. Isn't it better to have OEJB as a separate project, as we have the intention to make it independent from Geronimo, as to have it work inside or outside Geronimo?

On 12/3/05, David Blevins <david.blevins@visi.com> wrote:
The OpenEJB committers have discussed it and voted to be become a
Geronimo sub-project.  The incubator proposl is here:


Please vote if you'd like Geronimo to be the sponsor of OpenEJB
during incubation

[ ] +1 = I support the move to sponsor OpenEJB during incubation as a
sub-project of Geronimo
[ ] +0 = I don't mind either way
[ ] -1 = I don't support this move because: _______________

+1 from me