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From Peter Nabbefeld <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Content for 1.2
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2006 15:51:11 GMT

what about an install dialog and better error reporting?

* install dialog:
  - geronimo could check during installation, if everything needed is
available as needed
  - if geronimo finds and can use different installed software packages,
it could allow to choose

* error reporting:
  - a stack trace for about 30 levels or even more (printed as e.g. "...
13 more // <another trace> // ... 15 more) isn't really helpful
  - better/more helpful error output would result in less questions,
thus less work on user support :-)

Kind regards

Peter Nabbefeld

Jason Dillon wrote:
> I'd like to get the m2 build finished... get a site setup...
> Feature-wise, I'd like to get GShell into 1.2, to allow users to telnet
> into the server and execute commands (including the script command to
> allow for integrated scripting support for administration/management). 
> GShell currently has all of these features... just pending the GBean
> bits and then some refinement to make it more functional.  I'd also like
> to get SSH support in, but I need some help from the Jsch folks to make
> that happen... so thats probably not going to happen for 1.2.
> --jason
> On Jul 14, 2006, at 9:48 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
>> All,
>> Its time to start defining the content of what everyone is planning on
>> doing for 1.2.  The biggest change so far that I'm aware of are the
>> refactoring of OEJB by Dain and the Maven 2 work done by JDillon,
>> Prasad, Anita and others.  Not too much content from an end-user
>> perspective.  I think DJencks was doing some work on pluggable JAAC as
>> well.
>> In the spirit of kicking 1.2 off can you post to this thread the
>> things you'd like to get into 1.2?   I've heard many folks indiciate
>> that the community would like to time box releases so they don't go on
>> forever so to kick it off I'd think development through the end of
>> August (that's when we'd branch) with a release toward the end of
>> September sounds about right.
>> Here's a strawman format for the ideas with my 2c in there.
>> Proposer         Description
>> Hogstrom    Improve tomcat, Jetty and Connector instrumentation
>> Hogstrom    SPECjAppServer Performance improvements.
>> Let the games begin...

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