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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: [wadi-dev] Session/clustering API and the web tier
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 07:53:11 GMT
Jules Gosnell wrote:
> I pressed 'send' without counting to 10 first on the last response. Sorry.

No probs - no offence taken.

> I've obviously done a bad job of explaining myself so far. Is this
> clearer ?

Actually no - I preferred the slightly pissed off version for clarity :-)

I actually think we are in agreement.. but donĀ“t realize it.

You say that the getExcecutionLocation() style API I suggest leaks 
clustering concerns into the webtier, but I am not suggesting that general
container code calls this API.

I am suggesting a that a cluster aware interceptor calls it.
This is the GSM intercpetion contract of your last email.

But given that interceptors are going to be very tier implementation
specific and that Jetty has to write geronimo specific interceptors for
security, transactions, .... then  it appears natural to me that the 
G-jetty module is the natural place for that interceptor to live and
we don't need to standardize it's contract.

Or is it the existence of the standardized API between interceptor 
and Policy that you object to?   Are your concerns such that 
you do not think this API can be implemented efficiently?

Give me 30minutes and I will post my latest mental picture of 
how I would like to see the Cluster/Session API.


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