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From "Sanket Sharma" <>
Subject Derby/JMX and GBeans
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 16:35:11 GMT

I' writing JMX MBeans for Apache Derby and would like to know how
Geronimo handles calls to normal MBeans and getPlatformMBean.
One of my aims to make sure that Derby's MBeans integrate well into
existing JMX enabled containers. Therefore, instead of starting a new
MBean server for Derby, I would like to register Derby's MBeans in the
containers MBeanServer.

I looked at the Geronimo code and found that Derby is already
implemented as a GBean which can be managed within Geronimo. However,
the functionality is very limited. My MBeans expose much more stats
about derby and provide a lot more configurability.

I'm not very sure on this, but AFAIK, if I add MBeans to Derby via
normal JMX calls, they will appear in JConsole, but distinct from
Therefore, If I do want to make these as part of GBean management, I
need to write wrapper calls around my MBeans and expose them as GBean

I have just started reading Geronimo's code and documentation and any
help would be greatly appriciated.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Sanket Sharma

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