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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: How to use M2 G Packaging Plugin
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 20:53:21 GMT
If you plan to use a file in src, then the variable you need is is ${basedir}.


If you plan to use a file under target, then the variable you need is

Source code for car-maven-plugin is here


On 7/25/06, Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
> On 7/24/06, Prasad Kashyap <> wrote:
> > There is a planFile config option in the mojos. So I suspect you may
> > specify a different location for the plan file. By default, it expects
> > the plan to be in target/plan/plan.xml.
> How do I use this?  I put my plan at src/plan/geronimo-service.xml and
> set the planFile to src/plan/geronimo-service.xml and I get:
> [ERROR] ... Unable to find resource 'src/plan/geronimo-service.xml'
> I assume I need some prefix like
> ${current-directory}/src/plan/geronimo-service.xml but I don't know
> the name of the variable to use for that.  Or maybe that's not right?
> What I'm looking for is to have the original plan at
> src/plan/[real-plan-file-name] not src/plan/plan.xml so I just want to
> tell the plugin to get it from there.
> Also, where is the current source code for the car-maven-plugin?
> Thanks,
>     Aaron

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