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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: Maven2 Conversation Status
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 15:08:14 GMT
Inline -

On 7/19/06, anita kulshreshtha <> wrote:
> inline..
> --- Jason Dillon <> wrote:
> >
> > It is my opinion that we should probably start the RTC process now
> > for merging the svkmerge/m2migration branch to trunk and to deprecate
> >
> > the Maven 1 build... and nuke its build files.
>    Is this necessary? It is a nice thing to have during bug fixes.

Hmmm....  Anita, I too don't see the need for it. Why can't the m2
build be used for bug fixes ? For bugs in the m2 build itself, we can
always refer to an older branch or revision that had maven 1. I think
we just have to force people to switch to m2.

> > My recommendation is that we:
> >
> >   * RTC vote genesis to be a peer-project to trunk
> >   * RTC vote the m2migration branch to be merged back to trunk
> >
> > I would prefer to finish up the work on trunk, but I am fine to merge
> > back to trunk a working m2 build and then continue on the m2migration
> > for another week or so to bunch up changes into per-week intervals
> > for RTC merge-back to trunk (this is not ideal, but will work if that
> > is what is required to get it done).
> >
> > IMO it is better to get trunk sync'd up with the new m2 work that has
> > been done so that when others change configuration that it will get
> > applied to the new build and not get lost in the transition.
> I am planning to maintain the packaging plugin and configs on the trunk
> despite all the cosmetic changes done by RTC-2161. I still need to add
> some functionality and tie some loose ends. I need to add classPath fix
> and fix. Jason, Do I have your permission
> to do so?
> We should submit 3 patches for RTC -
> 1. One from the branch
> 2. One with packaging plugin and configs made from the trunk
> 3. One with assembly plugin and Assemblies made from the trunk
>     The patches 2 and 3 can be reviewed and tested independently of 1.
>    IMO this is the only way to keep the build current at all times
> while we wait for RTC and other issues to be resolved.
>     What do PMC members who will be reviewing this work feel about this
> approach?

Just a word of caution - The more the number of RTC, the more the delay.

> >
> > I am confident that we can get the m2 build finished in the next few
> > weeks... pending the time required to RTC.
>     Things do not always go as planned. I had planned to have all the
> servers running on the trunk before I left for my vacation.
> Thanks
> Anita


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