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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: openejb itests?
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 14:35:26 GMT
Hi Bill,


On 7/6/06, Bill Dudney <> wrote:
> Hi Prasad,
> >
> > First we needed the geronimo-deployment-plugin to be in m2. So in
> >, I got the
> > deployment-plugin migarted to m2. The RTC for this is pending 2 more
> > votes. Now, if you and Jason can review and approve it, we can get it
> > in the build.
> >
> I applied the patch but it appears that there is a problem with it,
> has 3 copies of the code in it for example (as well as
> pom.xml and many if not all the other files).
>   Here is the url to what I downloaded and I'm looking at;
> deployment-plugin.patch
> which is the first patch from JIRA #1738 referenced above.

You might want to pick up the latest patch from the "Manage
Attachments" link. The patches on the JIRA page are sorted
alphabetically. The patch that you downloaded was my initial
submission. The other one with (
) is what you need. This was uploaded by David Jencks after reviewing
mine and making some changes based on other reviews.

> > I used to take an m1 binary distribution and manually put it into an
> > m2 local repo for this work. Now that we are working on m2, hopefully
> > we shall soon have the binary distributions for us to work with
> > directly.
> >
> An m1 distribution of G or something else?

Yes, of G.


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