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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: openejb itests?
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 16:58:06 GMT
Oh cool. Yes !!

First we needed the geronimo-deployment-plugin to be in m2. So in, I got the
deployment-plugin migarted to m2. The RTC for this is pending 2 more
votes. Now, if you and Jason can review and approve it, we can get it
in the build.

Next, I came up with a simple m2 multi-build project for itests.
Jacek put it in the sandbox for us.

(I think I also opened some JIRAs in OpenEJB project with itest
patches. Let me search for those).

I used to take an m1 binary distribution and manually put it into an
m2 local repo for this work. Now that we are working on m2, hopefully
we shall soon have the binary distributions for us to work with

We could then to try to bring itests out of the sandbox and merge it with trunk.

The vision I have for itests is to make it the all encompassing system
integration test for Geronimo. We have unit tests in the individual
modules. Even that covers only a third of our code approx. Then we
have the J2EE CTK tests that ensures G's J2EE compliance.  But
geronimo being a sum of many individual parts, there must be a whole
range of tests that are applicable to the whole system when put
together but fall beyond the purview of CTK. These are what I hope
itests will catch.

I began playing with itests but quickly moved on the m2 migration work
since that was so much necessary both for G and for itests. It would
be nice to get the itests running and into the project soon.


On 7/5/06, Bill Dudney <> wrote:
> Hi Prasad,
> I would like to see the itests for openejb running from m2. David mentioned
> that you might have already done a bunch of work on that front. Could you
> update me on the status of that? I'm happy to jump in where ever to help
> make them functional again.
> Thanks!
> Bill Dudney
> MyFaces -
> Cayenne -

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