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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Tag 1.1 issue?
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 13:32:52 GMT

On Jul 6, 2006, at 11:30 PM, Jeff Genender wrote:

> I tried to build the v1.1 of Geronimo tag and I noticed that when I  
> went
> to do a m:co of openejb, it is giving me the openejb branch instead of
> the 2.1 tag.  Sure enough, upon perusal of the tagged root maven.xml,
> its pulling the openejb branch and not the tag.
> I am assuming this is an oversight and it should pull the tag orf
> openejb, not the branch.  Do we need this fixed so we can do a  
> build of
> our svn tagged 1.1?

Yes, I noticed this yesterday, also. The build works if you don't run  
m:co (the openejb 2.1 dependencies). So, I don't think we need to  
rush to fix this. Instead we can wait to fix in the normal 1.1.1  
release cycle, which I think should be soon (in July).

Clearly something that needs to be in a release process checklist. I  
also noticed that the tagged 1.1.0 is using 
repository. A tagged release should not be dependent on anything in  
that repository. Removing the repo, will bring up another issue, some  
of our dependencies only reside in Namely, 1)  
commons-modeler-20060524.jar and 2) maven-itest-plugin-1.0.jar

These dependencies need to be moved to a more permanent location or  


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