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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Does each module really need LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt?
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 17:58:26 GMT

On Jul 17, 2006, at 1:06 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> Well, I think adding the files to every module is potentially a  
> problem.  I think the release should have a central place all  
> modules derive their LICENSE file from.  The NOTICIES file is a  
> different animal.

What "modules" are you referring to? All of our generated jar files  
(.e.g geronimo-kernel-1.1.jar) should contain LICENSE and NOTICE  
files. Hrrm, I just looked at two 1.1 jars and they only contain  
LICENSE files.

We also need a LICENSE and NOTICE file at the base of our  
distributions. These should contain all necessary license and notice  
information for all of the Geronimo code built and included in our  
distribution. The license and notice file also need to contain  
license and notice information for all jar files, or other artifacts,  
that we include in our distribution (e.g. asm jar, castor jar, etc...).

Or, are you instead referring to "modules" as in CAR's? If so, then  
they are a different animal. However, I don't think we're released  
from any licensing requirements.

Given the guidelines in 
must-every-release-contain (see the "Can I distribute a raw  
artifact?" section at the bottom), I think that any downloadable  
artifact (distribution, car, jar, war, ear, etc) that we "release" to  
ibiblio should have appropriate license and notice files  
(alternatively, we stop releasing the artifact).


> Jason Dillon wrote:
>> If we want to keep these guys in the jars, then we should move  
>> them to their standard src/main/resources/META-INF/* locations so  
>> that they get picked up automatically.
>> --jason
>> On Jul 16, 2006, at 5:27 PM, John Sisson wrote:
>>> Jason Dillon wrote:
>>>> Um... when were these ever included in the module's jars before?
>>>> --jason
>>>> On Jul 16, 2006, at 5:04 PM, John Sisson wrote:
>>>>> Jason Dillon wrote:
>>>>>> Does each module really need LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt?
>>>>>> Or can we just have this at the top-level of the project?
>>>>>> I'd rather have less duplicate files to maintain...
>>>>>> Any comments?
>>>>>> --jason
>>>>> I think they are needed as each downloadable jar (which each  
>>>>> module has) should contain the license and notice files.  Same  
>>>>> with source archives, which AFAIK maven can produce for each  
>>>>> individual module for use by IDE debuggers etc.
>>>>> John
>>> I just checked and if you look at geronimo-activation-1.1.jar it  
>>> should contain META-INF\LICENSE.TXT .  It is a problem that the  
>>> NOTICE.txt file isn't also included.
>>> We should add a JIRA for the 1.1.1 release for that.
>>> John

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