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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Maven2 Conversation Status
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 17:58:36 GMT
>> the Maven 1 build... and nuke its build files.
>    Is this necessary? It is a nice thing to have during bug fixes.

Yes this is necessary.  We already have had several commits to trunk  
that changed Maven 1 configurations and skipped Maven 2... the longer  
we have both systems in place the more likely they will get out of sync.

> I am planning to maintain the packaging plugin and configs on the  
> trunk
> despite all the cosmetic changes done by RTC-2161. I still need to add

Please do not work from trunk... it will be very difficult to apply  
patches you make to trunk to the m2migration branch which is what is  
under active development.

> some functionality and tie some loose ends. I need to add classPath  
> fix
> and fix. Jason, Do I have your permission
> to do so?

What are the changes?

> We should submit 3 patches for RTC -
> 1. One from the branch
> 2. One with packaging plugin and configs made from the trunk
> 3. One with assembly plugin and Assemblies made from the trunk
>     The patches 2 and 3 can be reviewed and tested independently of 1.
>    IMO this is the only way to keep the build current at all times
> while we wait for RTC and other issues to be resolved.

I do not plan on submitting a patch for RTC.  I can produce a rather  
nasty diff of the trees for review if that is what the PMC wants, but  
IMO that would be a waste of time for them to review.  Instead I  
suggest that the review be done by checking out the branch, building  
and then starting the Jetty assembly.


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