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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: A few tests need some help
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 19:52:21 GMT
You should be able to just:


This should build all of the bits that are currently not available in  
any repo and then run the staged build in the proper order.

We need the OpenEJB jars built with m2, which is not yet published  
anywhere.  TranQL used to be need to build OpenEJB, but there might  
be jars published for this now... need to check, but it does not hurt  
anything (except the time to wait) for this to build.

Also, recently bootstrap also builds the new Genesis branch that  
contains shared build plugins, as none of these modules are published  
anywhere yet either.

NOTE: Use of the bootstrap script is very temporary, and will be  
dropped once required dependencies are in repos.  The build script,  
which simply runs the staged build in order is also temporary until  
Maven can handle building extentions in the same cycle in which they  
are used.


On Jul 9, 2006, at 2:24 AM, Jacek Laskowski wrote:

> On 7/8/06, Jason Dillon <> wrote:
>> All of this work is in this branch:
>> m2migration/
> How can I build the branch? What's the command sequence? Do I need to
> check out OpenEJB? If so, why? mvn bootstrap keeps failing for me
> because of OpenEJB not being checked out. If I don't do that step, the
> build fails with g-p-p not being found.
> Jacek
> -- 
> Jacek Laskowski

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