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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [RTC] Remove Geronimo modules from dependencyManagement in root pom.xml
Date Sat, 01 Jul 2006 21:00:57 GMT
The only advantage of listing internal modules in  
dependencyManagement is so that you don't need to include the version  
and/or type where its referenced.  That seems like a good idea, but  
in practice it adds more complexity to the configuration and more on  
going maintenance and coupling of modules into the root pom, which is  
not a very nice thing.

IMO dependencyManagement really shines for thirdparty/external  
dependencies, not internal ones.


On Jul 1, 2006, at 1:54 PM, Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

> Jason Dillon wrote:
>> Please read the JIRA for details:
>> --jason
> It seems reasonable to me.
> IIRC, this was originally set up by Mr. MavenHead himself.  Might  
> want to run this by him to see what he was originally thinking.
> +1 - pending a quick check w/ Mr. van Zyl.
> Regards.
> Alan

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