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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Maven2 Conversation Status
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 15:34:59 GMT
On Jul 21, 2006, at 8:15 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> Based on this note and the others it sounds like the build is  
> working and that you are suggesting a temporary blackout period  
> when the migration is completed.  During the migration period the  
> Maven 1 build will no longer work so we will effectively halt any  
> development in trunk.

Not exactly.  The m1 build will still function, just it is not  
preferred... and use would be discouraged.  Soon afterwards once we  
have the TCK up and everyone is happy (or happy enough) then the m1  
build will be removed.

Development on trunk using m1 _should_ halt... and be replaced by  
development using m2... but by no means will the migration force  
anyone to halt for the initial steps.

> Based on the commit log it doesn't really look like there is much  
> going on now anyway so its probably not a huge issue.  Looks like  
> some folks have left trunk for branches or the sandbox which is  
> unfortunate.

There is almost nothing going on in trunk right now except for merges  
from 1.1 that Sachin has been doing.

> How long do you estimate that the work will take and what happens  
> if its not completed before your vacation?  I'm uncomfortable  
> throwing M1 out if its going to be a three week conversion period.   
> You may have answered this in the thread and if I missed it I  
> apologize.

I'm taking a vacation?  Where am I going?  Do I need my bathing  
suite?  :-P

The build with m2 works now.  The "conversion period" would be the  
time it takes for me to merge m2migration back to trunk (and verify w/ 
bootstrap which takes ~30m or so on my laptop).

Using svk that should be maybe an hour.  But lets say it will take a  
day for a nice 8x buffer.

I'm planning on merging with svk from svkmerge/m2migration to  
svkmerge/trunk and then from svkmerge/trunk to trunk.  I've been  
doing the opposite to keep svkmerge/m2migration in sync with trunk  
periodically, which is mostly brainless and works flawlessly.


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