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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: JIRAs adopter query/policy?
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 18:54:49 GMT

On Jul 25, 2006, at 2:48 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> I guess this would be different than the reporter?  Is this  
> different than interested parties or voting for JIRAs?

Yes & Yes.  This would be just an additional field just like "patch  
available".  I don't think voting would address this.  If there are  
50 open defects all of the highest priority, and 10 of them are from  
companies seeing a given defect in a field and need a fix for the  
upcoming release, we need a very simple way to distinguish between  
what developers consider high priority and what users consider high  

> Sachin Patel wrote:
>> As the Geronimo user base grows, it is important that we be able  
>> to distinguish between JIRAs open during a development cycle to  
>> those that are being hit in the field or requested by companies  
>> who either use Geronimo or build products and or plugins on top of  
>> it.  So I suggest we provide a restricted "adopter required" field  
>> in JIRA.  This adopter field would be exposed to JIRA users who  
>> request and identify themselves as adopters.  So just like our  
>> query for available patches, we can easily query these and help  
>> ensure that these issues that companies face get the necessary  
>> attention and help resolve them faster then they would be otherwise.
>> Thoughts?
>> -sachin


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