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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: JIRA policy on patches
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 15:54:44 GMT
Generally, when I am going to commit patches, then I assign the issue  
to myself, commit, then resolve (or close depending on if the commit  
needs more validation).

Or, sometimes if a contributor knows I am going to work on the issue,  
or needs me to look at it they will assign the issue to me.  Either  
way, the issue gets assigned to the commiter who does the final work  
and resolves the issue.

Its not official policy, but I have found this works well and I  
recommend others to follow.


On Jul 21, 2006, at 8:48 AM, Paul McMahan wrote:

> Several of the patches that Sachin applied were attached to JIRAs that
> I had assigned to myself.   Would it help facilitate the process if I
> unassigned the JIRAs after I have finished working on them and
> attached the patch?  Or should I leave the JIRA assigned to myself and
> look on IRC for a committer to reassign it to?   Just want to be sure
> that I'm sending the right signals.
> thanks,
> Paul
> On 7/21/06, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
>> Your suggestion is good Sachin and I agree.  What I think we need  
>> is a JIRA triage person who
>> watches the incoming JIRAs and is a PITA until someone deals with  
>> the patch.  Kind of like we do the
>> TCK.
>> I think 3-4 days is max as after that discouragement probably  
>> starts to set in.
>> Sachin Patel wrote:
>> > As I've been working to get some of these patches applied to  
>> 1.1.1, I've
>> > noticed most of the patches are still months old and 90% of the  
>> time
>> > when a patch is applied thats the end of the defect thread and no
>> > comments on the patches are provided.  This I'm sure is very  
>> frustrating
>> > and surely it has to be discouraging community participation.   
>> We need
>> > to have an immediate change our policy on when patches get  
>> posted by the
>> > community (non-committers specifically) that they get assigned  
>> to an
>> > individiual for review ASAP and under no circumstances should a  
>> jira
>> > that contains a patch be unassigned.  All patches must be  
>> considered for
>> > inclusion in the targeted fix version and we cannot continue to let
>> > patches dangle over multiple releases.  I'm not sure if there  
>> would be a
>> > way to enforce this, except take it upon ourselves to take the  
>> time to
>> > review and comment on contributions from the community.
>> >
>> > So what would be a reasonable time frame that a patch should  
>> should be
>> > reviewed, applied or commented on by? 3-4 days, a week?
>> >
>> > -sachin
>> >
>> >
>> >

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