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From "Oliver Zeigermann" <>
Subject Re: Pessimistic locking strategy for CMP beans in 1.1.1
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 08:45:20 GMT
Hi, Matt!

I am rather new to Geronimo, so please be patient if my questions
sound rather stupid.

2006/7/27, Matt Hogstrom <>:
> The second method is to use an optimistic strategy where a mono incrementing column or
timestamp is
> used to disambiguate tuples from each other.  The container keeps track of the value
of the
> optimistic column.  I'm planning on implementing this later but thought we'd make the
schema changes
> now.

1.) I was wondering what to do upon conflict. I can only think of
letting the transaction fail. Right?
2.) Are the requests to load the bean from the db still inside a
transaction? If so what isolation level? I guess there still can be a
deadlock in the db.
3.) Is there something like caching of beans in Geronimo? If so how is
this handled, especially in a distributed scenario?

Thanks in advance for any hints and cheers


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