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From "Jason Dillon" <>
Subject Re: Re: [RTC] Merge m2migration (functional m2 build) to trunk
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 23:50:24 GMT
Can you please give me a patch that fixes the problems (without
System.out.*) based on the m2migration branch?  I've asked you a few
times... so for I get a lot of mail like this one... but no patches.

> Jason,
>     All this functionality and more was available in the packaging
> plugin on the trunk. But you decided to pick bits and pieces of it. I

Lets be clear... I did not pick bits and pieces.

I merged the two plugins, reduced code duplication, fixed exception
handling, used logging for output and fixed up several other problems
with the Mojo impls.

I did not pick bits and pieces...

If something is missing, then please provide a patch to m2migration.

> have looked at the past mails and it appears that you have been redoing
> all the work!

I have been applying patches to m2migration.  What other "redoing" of
the work are you referring to?

> All you needed to do was add explicit-version properties
> enhancement and the fix for classPath bug.

Anita, there were many changes that I made which were done to reduce
code, improve debugging and make better use the the Mojo plugin

I suggest you study the code and try to understand some of the reasons
why I made changes.  If you have *specific questions* to code blocks
that changed I'd be more than happy to answer them.

> I would prefer that
> packaging plugin not have o.a.g.genesis.config:project-config as its
> parent.

Any *specific* reason why you have this preference?

The plugins do not have o.a.g.genesis.config:project-config as their
parent anyways.  Yes the parent of the plugins parent's parent has
that for a parent (ie. our root pom has that for a parent).

o.a.g.genesis.config:project-config defines common build elements that
are shared across most/all Geronimo projects.

Do you have any *specific* concerns or objections? Please iterate them
and we can discus.


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