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From "Jason Dillon" <>
Subject Re: Re: Re: [RTC] Merge m2migration (functional m2 build) to trunk
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 23:38:21 GMT
> And honestly I still don't know what I should include in the jira
> issue. Sorry. I'm trying to grasp it, but...hey it's not an issue! ;-)

Kay... well I did not mean to imply that it was a known JIRA issue...
just that (at the very least) Prasad and I are aware of the problem
and need to figure out how to fix it.

> It's in the m2migration branch, so how could I report an issue when
> it's a forked development area? It's under development and it needs to
> be fixed with no official statements. If I were to report each and
> every issue in a branch, jira would quickly get out of sync with
> reality. Am I correct?

Well, now we are back into a semantic argument...

And based on your comment, then we would not make a JIRA for it until
the merge was done to trunk... but you are commenting on the problem
in a RTC to do that merge (which is fine) and then asking where the
JIRA is...

I feel dizzy.

It was my recommendation (as well as others) to just do this work on
trunk as it would have eased the entire process and we'd be done

But the PMC did not bless that recommendation, so we are stuck on a
branch... and well, until the PMC gets things together it will stay

IMO JIRA should be used to track issues... regardless of what branch
it is on.  But, Jacek, you gotta keep in mind that the m2migration
branch is not a typical development branch, but a work around due to
the lack of PMC support to apply these changes directly to the trunk
as recommended.


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