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From "Jason Dillon" <>
Subject Re: Re: How to use M2 G Packaging Plugin
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 23:26:46 GMT
>     The maven-car-plugin has been implemented using bits and pieces
> from the geronimo packaging plugin. Please keep in mind that my answer
> refer to the original version.

maven-car-plugin is an aggregation of the package and assembly
plugins.  They need some shared codebase to handle generation of
version properties, etc.  They are also both directly related to
handling of car files.

> > I don't see this config option handled in any of the mojos. I suspect
> > that either it got lost or it never got in, in the first place.  So
> > the option is ignored.
>     I would recommend that the config format used in the original
> plugin be used in car-maven-plugin. For example to package an
> application user can just say ${j2eeJettyServer} or {j2eeTomcatServer}
> and not have to worry about the order of the deployers. The original
> plugin allowed this format:
> <deploymentConfig>${j2eeTomcatServer}</deploymentConfig>

It is bad form to use properties in this manner to define a complex
structure in Maven 2.  The preferred mechanism is to use XML to define
the structure of the configuration and handle the parsing of elements.

> dependencies. I have some issues with the current car-maven-plugin.
> IIUC, this plugin is used outside the context of the build. The new
> car-maven-plugin has a goal car:installconfig (or something similar)
> which has no meaning ouside the context of assembly. Do we want users
> to add things to the server using car:installConfig? If not this should
> be removed and be put in its own assembly plugin.

Negative.  There is no reason to create a new plugin to handle a
different use-case for operating on car files.

One plugin can easily handle many different use-cases, for out server
assembly or for user car packaging.


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