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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Tooling 1.1 Release Plans
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 18:51:21 GMT
Thanks Paul,  see inline...

On Jul 7, 2006, at 11:13 AM, Paul McMahan wrote:

> Sachin,  I just checked out the RC3 and it looks GREAT!!  I love the
> fact that using the Eclipse plugin I can create a web project, deploy
> it to Geronimo, debug/update my JSP and see the changes reflected
> immediately (and I mean *immediately*) via a simple app republish,

"simple app republish" Simple as it is to do, this is still a problem  
that needs to be solved.  And is partially solved in this release.   
If you are working with static content only, if you open the server  
editor and select the "run resources from workspace" option, and  
restart the server and redeploy your app, any changes to static  
content dont require a republish and you can simply refresh your  
browser.  I want to be able to run an entire ear from within the  
project without having to generate an ear, and this will take some  
work in the server to be able to do this.  So currently this feature  
is restricted to stand-alone web apps with static only content.

> and
> then export my application as a Geronimo plugin using the admin
> console launched within Eclipse.  This makes it so easy to create,
> debug, and export applications.  Nice work!!
> I would feel remiss if I didn't provide at least a couple of
> suggestions, so I would say that it would be nice if you could export
> Geronimo plugins directly from the navigator without having to launch
> the admin console.  Maybe this could be modeled after Eclipse's own
> plugin development features.  Also, longer term it would be cool if I
> could create a Geronimo based portal server using, say, Jetspeed or
> Liferay in Eclipse and deploy portlets to it.  I'm interested in
> helping out if you like these ideas.
> Best wishes,
> Paul
> On 7/7/06, Sachin Patel <> wrote:
>> So to close out the 1.1 eclipse tooling release here is what I'm
>> planning to do...
>> RC3 is currently available to pull down and test.  I still need to do
>> some sniff testing on the update-site distribution and making sure
>> existing 1.0 plugin users can update directly to 1.1. (Since plugins
>> where completely renamed in 1.1.1 I'm hoping eclipse knows how to
>> handle this correctly and disables old plugins not in the latest
>> feature.) After I create the release notes I plan to call a vote
>> within the next 24-48 hours.
>> Looking ahead to 1.1.1 I'm hoping there will not be any incompatible
>> changes in 1.1.1 and so the 1.1 jars I'm repackaging in the eclipse-
>> plugin will work for deployments to 1.1.1.  Also the eclipse PDE
>> builder has a feature that supports generating qualified builds that
>> TLPs are now exploiting so projects can provide updates at a much
>> more frequent and granular level.  I plan to implement a similar
>> feature in the eclipse plugin m2 build that will allow similar
>> capability.  This should help us get to a model where we can have
>> frequent maintenance releases with minimum work for the developer to
>> put out these releases.  (i.e simply commit fixes, build, and the
>> generated plugins versions will have generated qualifiers appended to
>> them that can simply pushed to the update site).
>> -sachin


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