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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject [xbean] Colossus server
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 05:03:25 GMT
Over the last week I have been working with the xbean code trying to  
figure out the best way to build up a full server.  After a few false  
starts, I've decided that the best approach is to attempt to build up  
a large server using just Spring with no modularity (and no kernel)  
and then once it is working it should be easy to experiment with  
different ways to divide up the server.

You can find my experimental branch here 
asf/geronimo/xbean/branches/colossus and assuming I didn't mess  
anything up you should just need to do the following to test the server:

$ mvn install
$ xbean-colossus/target/xbean-colossus-2.5-colossus/xbean- 

I don't do windows, so if you are on that you'll have to use a java - 
jar execution (or double click on the bootstrap jar):

$ java -jar xbean-colossus/target/xbean-colossus-2.5-colossus/xbean- 

Currently there is only one service created, but the idea is to build  
up the services created using OpenEJB 3, AMQ 4, Jetty 6 and/or Tomcat  
(haven't decided yet), Jencks and some Geronimo services.  I'm not  
sure how far down this path I'll get before I get bored and start  
working on some modularity code, but that the current plan.

The one new thing I have in the colossus branch is a bootstrap system  
which can cleanly launch a vm without needing any command line class  
path or manifest class path entries.  Instead it uses a some  
properties files, ant style globing and some finder code to build the  
initial class loader and locate the real main class.  It still needs  
work but I have a few pages of notes on it I'll post to the wiki  
tomorrow or the next day.


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