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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Maven2 Conversation Status
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 23:15:56 GMT
>> Jetty and Tomcat J2EE and Minimal all work as of yesterday.
> Ok...well...based on your statement before, you did not clarify this.
> If I can get an assembly, then this is good.

The work has been moving fast.  At the time of the initial "Maven2  
Conversation Status" there was an issue, but it was trivial to fix...  
just needed someone to tell my why it was broken, which David Jencks  
did.  This is one of the reasons I'd like to get the m1 build  
deprecated, because the sooner we have everyone looking at the m2  
build the faster we will get it up to 100%.

>> So, if you replaced "mvn install" with "bootstrap" then the above
>> statement is accurate.
> you have a script I can run...have a clean repo...and at  
> the end
> have a full assembly?  If so, then this is somewhat acceptable to me.

Yes, it is checked in.  You need cygwin on windows to run it, not  
going to be making a .bat for it as it is temporary until this work  
is done and G and OpenEJB2 are deploying m2 built artifacts, at which  
time the build (build.bat) will work, until Maven 2.0.5 is out with  
the fix to allow `mvn install` to do the trick.

>> I agree, need to get some input from Keven to see what is needed  
>> to get
>> the TCK running off of the m2 build.  I think that can happen in
>> parallel to the first step (or steps if you include deprecation of  
>> m1).
> Sounds good...get his input.  But a TCK build, one way or the other,
> without manual intervention would be a gate for this IMHO.

It will happen, no question about it.  The TCK is critical, but IMO  
it should not limit the move to m2 in /trunk... I believe that the  
move to m2 on /trunk is a prerequisite for getting the TCK going for  
the m2 build.

We will get it up and running ASAP.


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