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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: GroupId for DayTrader needed.
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 23:01:52 GMT
It is not just how we use the m2-style repo inside of G, but also how  
we build G using m2 that will cause problems for windows peeps.

The later is going to be more trouble to resolve I think.

I'm still thinking it would be a good idea to have some sort of file- 
system abstraction for our m2-style repo... in the same way that SVN  
has an abstraction... that could use BDB or a regular file system  
(ie. FSFS) for actual storage.  WIth something like this, we could  
have the default distro use a BDB-ish filesystem and completely  
resolve the windows file name limitations.  With a set of cli tools  
we can easily allow the BDB-ish to be converted to a FSFS.

Short of hacking up G to work around the problem... I don't see any  
other clean way to resolve this problem for our windows users.


On Jul 19, 2006, at 7:04 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> Hey,  I used to have a TRS-80.  32k of RAM...yup, those were the  
> good 'ol days.
> I agree that shortening the DT artifacts is only moving the bubble  
> around.  The fact is that for all of its issues there are a lot  
> more Windows users out there than the *nix OS's.
> One area to improve things is to eliminate this redundancy:
> daytrader-derby-tomcat_streamer.jar\1.2-SNAPSHOT\daytrader-derby- 
> At a minimum we burn up 47 characters with
> daytrader-derby-tomcat_streamer.jar\1.2-SNAPSHOT where the actual  
> artifact name contains exactly the same information for the most  
> part.  I'm not sure what the right solution is here but if we had a  
> creative way to remove the first part we'd get some serious relief.
> Is the reason we have this so we can use the Maven component  
> directly?  If we decided to modify our repository code to do some  
> introspection would that help?  Dain, I know you wrote most of the  
> code with David, what are your thoughts on this?
> Jason Dillon wrote:
>> I think that in general... the m2 repository using the m2 style of  
>> artifactId and groupId names is not compatible with Windows.
>> Short of changing the way m2 works or altering the m2 naming  
>> standard, I do not see any simple way around this problem.
>> And we are getting hit by this in two places too... building the  
>> server, and then again when running the server.
>> I think we need to find a real solution to this issue and not just  
>> truncate the names to get around problem... until it pops up  
>> again... which is will.
>> And as much as I would love to just give all windows users the  
>> shaft and force them to snap out of their microsoft induced blue  
>> screen of death, reboot every day, annoying dancing paper clip,  
>> stupid file locking, file names can't be longer than 256  
>> insanity... and I would really love to do that... we can't :-(
>> Lucky we don't have to support TRS-80, CPM or Altair users...
>> --jason
>> On Jul 19, 2006, at 7:38 AM, anita kulshreshtha wrote:
>>> Jeff,
>>>   We also need to shorten the artifactId. It makes a good puzzle -
>>>    Come up with sensible groupId and artifactId such that this  
>>> does not
>>> exceed 256!
>>> Example 2 -
>>> D:\geronimo-1.2\configs\daytrader-tomcat\target\reposito
>>> ry\org\apache\geronimo\configs\daytrader-derby-tomcat_streamer.jar 
>>> \1.2-SNAPSHOT\daytrader-derby-tomc
>>> activemq-rar\1.2-SNAPSHOT\rar\
>>> activemq-3.2.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
>>> This example is taken from
>>>    is 256+30 long!
>>> Cheers
>>> Anita
>>> --- Jeff Genender <> wrote:
>>>> I am a big fan of org.apache.geronimo.samples.daytrader.  But...are
>>>> we
>>>> leading ourselves down the path of a Windows dir size too big
>>>> nightmare?
>>>> Jeff
>>>> Jason Dillon wrote:
>>>>> Why not give it is own:
>>>>>     org.apache.geronimo.daytrader
>>>>> --jason
>>>>> On Jul 18, 2006, at 11:59 AM, Prasad Kashyap wrote:
>>>>>> The DayTrader project needs a consistent groupId for all it's
>>>>>> artifacts. Currently, some of it's artifacts are under the
>>>> "geronimo"
>>>>>> groupid while others are under the "org.apache.geronimo" groupid.
>>>>>> I discussed this with Matt and we decided to pose this Q to the
>>>>>> community. One option is to have a groupId called
>>>>>> "org.apache.geronimo.samples" which will be home to daytrader
>>>>>> artifacts, other samples we currently have and ones to come.
>>>>>> One other thing to consider is the very long artifactId name of
>>>> some
>>>>>> of daytrader's artifacts. An example is something like
>>>>>> daytrader-derby-jetty-streamer. When this is coupled with an
>>>> equally
>>>>>> long groupId name, we'll be close to hitting the path limit on
>>>>>> windows.
>>>>>> Cheers
>>>>>> Prasad
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