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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: Re: [RTC] Merge m2migration (functional m2 build) to trunk
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 23:07:09 GMT
On 7/24/06, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
> Do you think you could answer your peers a little bit more
> constructively?  Your answers to people are a bit caustic and it is not
> helping promote a healthy environment.  Is there something that we can
> help with to aid in a more amicable interaction with your peers?

Give me a break!  I find talking down to someone like this far more
offensive than Jason's messages on this thread.

It's clear Jason is frustrated.  That's OK, it happens to the best of
us every now and then.  I think your response is totally
inappropriate.  If anything, perhaps, take a break and let's take this
up again tomorrow.  Or yell at me for baiting him if you like.  But
don't talk down to him -- after all, "he's your peer".  :)


> Jason Dillon wrote:
> >> I don't understand why it hasn't been reported in JIRA? An issue is
> >> not known unless it's reported in JIRA where people (like me) can
> >> notice it. I don't think the community follows each and every thread
> >> that's in dev@, so how could they know about it?
> >
> > So, for the 3rd time... file an issue.
> >
> >
> >>> Really don't understand why we have to bounce back and forth for
> >>> several days to get something done.  For example, I asked you for the
> >>> "length path" you ran under... and instead of actually giving me the
> >>> path which I asked for you, you give some explanation of why you were
> >>> in the lengthy past which I did not even ask for.
> >>
> >> I'm sounding as repeating myself, but as I didn't get the point I
> >> didn't respond as you requested. I believe the answer above is
> >> sufficient. As you wished ;-)
> >
> > How else would one answer the question "What is the lengthy path you ran
> > under?" except with the exact *lengthy path*?
> >
> > --jason

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