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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: what does a ejb-jar.xml looks like?
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 15:08:00 GMT
Well, it sounds like the EAR contains an EJB JAR, or at least, the
META-INF/application.xml for the EAR is *saying* that it contains an

That EJB JAR should be a JAR file in the EAR, that contains a file
META-INF/ejb-jar.xml file.

The format of the ejb-jar.xml file is controlled by the EJB
specification.  It's a bit different depending on which revision of
J2EE and EJB you're targeting.  But there are DTDs or XML Schemas that
dictate the format for each version.

As far as what the content of the ejb-jar.xml file is supposed to be,
that depends on what the EJB JAR contains -- there should be entries
in ejb-jar.xml for each EJB you want to deploy, for example, in the
format dictated by the DTD or Schema.

So from here, I have a few questions for you:
 - Do you know what EJBs are and how to use them?
 - Do you think your EAR contains an EJB JAR?
 - Would it help you if I gave you the URLs for the ejb-jar.xml DTDs or Schemas?
 - If so, do you know which EJB or J2EE spec version you're targeting?


On 7/13/06, <> wrote:
> hello,
> i have the task to add an ear-file to geronimo 1.1.
> if i copy the ear-file into the deploy-folder and start the server via 'startup.bat'
the server starts as known.
> but when it is started it tries to deploy the ear in the deploy-folder.
> and then occurs a wonderful error-message like: "Error: Unable to distribute my.ear:
Error parsing ejb-jar.xml"
> now my questions:
> 1) what does this ejb-jar.xml looks like? is there a standard-configuration of it? if
yes, where could i find it?
> 2) where is this ebj-jar.xml to save to?
> regards from germany... mika
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