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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Minor bug in ServerConstants
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 03:43:29 GMT
Looks like there is a minor bug in ServerConstants with this:

static {
         Properties versionInfo = new Properties();
         try {
         } catch ( e) {
             throw new ExceptionInInitializerError(new Exception 
("Could not load", e));

The problem is that if the properties files is not found, then a NPE  
is thrown which does not get caught by the IOException handler and  
then resulting ExceptionInInitializerError error does not contain the  
detail as to why.

I'm seeing this when trying to build the m2 site, looks like clover  
is not picking up the resources because they are not in the standard  
location where m2 suggests they be.

  * * *

While it is a minor problem, we really should modules to use the  
standard locations soonish.

I'm going to fix this with:

static {
         Properties versionInfo = new Properties();
         try {
             InputStream input = ServerConstants.class.getClassLoader 
             if (input == null) {
                 throw new Error("Missing");

         catch ( e) {
             throw new Error("Could not load geronimo-", e);


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